CARPE DIEM GUEST HOUSE is located in the centre of Lonely Beach (Koh Chang).

You can use the map below, provided by Google, to locate CARPE DIEM GUEST HOUSE.

How to reach Lonely Beach (Koh Chang)

Traveling to the island

  • From Bangkok Survanabumhi Airport by bus: You can take a bus from the international airport to Koh Chang at the lowest stair (about 500 to 600 THB)
  • From Bangkok Survanabumhi Airport by plane: You can fly with Bangkok Airways 3 times a day from Bangkok to Trat Airport. The price is from 2.200 THB to 4.500 THB according to the date. Add about 500 THB to reach Lonely Beach by minibus from Trat Airport
  • From Bangkok city: You can take a bus or a minibus to Koh Chang or go to the airport (Sky Train or taxi) then take a bus/minibus or a plane to Kok Chang.

Koh Chang is an island: You can only access with a ferry which starts at 06:00 AM to aprox, 06:30 PM departing every 30 minutes and takes 40 minutes to reach the island..  Lonely Beach is about 40 minutes from the ferry landing.

If you travel with :

  • Minibus from Bangkok or Trat Airport: The price you paid includes the trip from the departures to your hotel in Lonely Beach.
  • Big Bus from Bangkok or Bangkok international Airport: The price doesn’t includes the price for the ferry. You’ll have to take the ferry by yourself (about 80 THB) and take a taxi (100 THB) to reach Lonely Beach.
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